UPDATE JOGGELI: Ab 10.1.22 neue Regel, siehe Joggeli-Seite


UPDATE: As of 20.12.21 the certificate with 2G aplies. Additionally: mask obligation in every area

As of Monday, 20 December, we are under 2G certificate obligation. Due to the regulations of the Federal Council of 17.12.21, masks are also mandatory in the following areas:

- When entering the building up to the dressing room.
- When changing clothes
- During the entire training session (Strength, Cardio, Group Fitness)
- When leaving the building

Only for showering the mask can be removed.

The wellness area is temporarily closed .

Registration on our eFit app is still required for course participation. You can reserve your space for a course from 6pm the day before. Please be sure to cancel your registration if you are unable to attend. The App eFit can be found for free in the App Store and in Google Play.
We would like to thank you for complying with the new regulations and we look forward to your visit. 
Your NYSC Team





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