The date we have been waiting for is approaching! We look forward to your visit training starting May 11th. 2020. The following regulations must be followed when visiting the gym:

If you feel sick or have symptoms of COVID 19, (cough, loss of taste, shortness of breath, fever etc) Please do not come to the gym.

Please make sure to bring your membership card with you to every visit, unfortunately, you will no longer be granted access without your card.  No exceptions.

Please always disinfect your hands well upon entering and leaving the gym.  Disinfectants are also available and provided for you in our training areas.  Please make good use of it.

Because we will be having a limited amount of people in the gym at a time, please limit your visit to the necessary time required for your workout, this is to avoid lines or waiting periods.  We will otherwise be required to set the amount of time per visit per person.

If possible, please come dressed for training to avoid traffic jams in the locker rooms.  Please only use showers when necessary.

Please bring your own training and shower towels.  For your safety,  we are currently no longer allowed to give out any,  however,  you can buy a towel at the reception if you forget yours,   we are no longer washing towels on site for hygiene precautions. 

Please disinfect each machine and equipment well after each use with the available cleaning disinfectants provided for this.  Due to limited space and safety regulations, we unfortunately have to lock some of the machines up.  If your favorite machine is not available for use, please talk to us and we will work with you to find a great alternative. 

Due to the limited number of members allowed on the training room,  you may encounter a wait outside during our peak hours,  for this reason,  we are happy to switch your membership from Gold to Silver, free of charge,  until the corona crisis normalizes.  This will save you some money while you avoid peak hours training.

Please always keep to our required distancing of 2 Meters at all times when in the gym.  Passing quickly at a short distance is not a problem.

We cannot accept cash payments.  Please pay for all purchases and memberships with credit or bank card only.  Drinks and food are only on take-out basis and cannot be consumed at the reception and in the locker rooms.

All Group Fitness courses are unfortunately closed for now.

Sauna will be opened at a later date.

Personal trainings can now be booked.  Personal trainings can also be booked with protective masks upon request.

Please contact us per email as we will not be answering phone calls. You can download the complete protection concept on our website.

We previously credited all current membership with 1 month for the period of March 17th - May 10th, 2020.  Many of you waived this out of solidarity, we want to thank you again for standing by us. Due to our system, partial months have to adjusted separately for each membership,  If you wish for us to do so on your membership,  please do not hesitate to email us so we can resolve this for you and find a solution.  

 Again Thank You, 

Schutzkonzept Town Sports AG / SFGV

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Forum Fitness – Basel – 061 322 85 85

The location of Forum is in the center of town, close to the Johanniter Bridge. Forum has all the equipment and training tools you need for a super workout.

Whether top athletes or health-oriented broad athletes, everyone here comes to their appropriate training.

Forum Fitness
St. Johanns-Vorstadt 41
CH-4056 Basel
Telefon: 061 322 85 85

  Center Fitness
Mon/Wed 06.30-22.00 06.30-21.45
Tue/Thu 09.00-22.30 09.00-22.15
Fri 06.30-21.00 06.30-20.45
Sat/Sun 09.00-18.00 09.00-17.30
Mon/Wed 07.00-21.30  
Tue/Thu 09.30-22.00  
Fri 07.00-20.30  
Sat/Sun 10.00-17.30  

Please calculate 5 plus 3.


Opening hours on public holidays

Please note our special opening hours during public holidays. No babysitting on these days. Fitness area closes 15min before center closing.

New Year`s Day 01.01. Closed
Carnival 02.03. Closed
Carnival Tuesday 03.03. 09.00-
Carnival Wednesday 04.03. 09.00-
Green Thursday 09.04. 09.00-
Good Friday 10.04. 09.00-
Easter 12.04. Closed
Easter Monday 13.04. 09.00-
Labour Day 01.05. 09.00-
Ascension Day 21.05. 09.00-
Whitsun 31.05. 09.00-
Whit Monday 01.06. 09.00-
Day before Swiss National Holiday 31.07. 06.00-
Swiss National Holiday 01.08. 09.00-
Christmas Eve 24.12. 09.00-
Christmas 25.12. Closed
St. Stephen`s Day 26.12. 09.00-
New Year`s Eve 31.12. 09.00-

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