Mittwoch , 2021-09-15 , 06:30 - 07:30

LES MILLS BODYPUMP is the original barbell program for strengthening, shaping and toning your entire body. Millions of participants are already benefiting from one of the world's fastest methods to get in shape. You train all the main muscle groups with the best exercise exercises, e.g. Squats, presses, lifts and curls. The decisive factor with BODYPUMP is the REP EFFECT®, a breakthrough in fitness training focusing on movements with a high repetition rate and a low weight load. This increases your strength and gives you an athletic body muscle. Top-ten music, world class instructors and your personal weight selection will inspire you and bring you your desired results, faster than you thought possible. It is the most popular training for members who want to integrate strength training into their training plan.

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