A mask is now compulsory in reception area and in the checkroom. 

If you feel sick or have symptoms of COVID 19, (cough, loss of taste, shortness of breath, fever etc) Please do not come to the gym. 

Please make sure to bring your membership card with you to every visit, unfortunately, you will no longer be granted access without your card.

Please always disinfect your hands well upon entering and leaving the gym.  Disinfectants are also available and provided for you in our training areas.  Please make good use of it.

Please use always a training towel. Please always keep the required distance of 1.5 Meters.

Please disinfect each machine and equipment well after each use with the available cleaning disinfectants provided for this.  Due to limited space and safety regulations, we unfortunately have to lock some of the machines up.  If your favorite machine is not available for use, please talk to us and we will work with you to find a great alternative. 

All Group Fitness classes are still at your disposal. It is required to self-register for the classes. This makes it easier for the authorities to track individuals who may have come into contact with COVID-19 and assist where necessary. In order to register for our classes, please do so via app eFit which can be downloaded on App Store and Google Play. You must register with the same email address that we have on file.  If you do not yet have your email address on file with to us please write us to add your email.  

Many thanks for your understanding.


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Luxor Fitness – Zürich – 044 202 38 38

In the center of Zurich Luxor Fitness is located in only 2 minutes walking distance from Paradeplatz. You will find all the equipment you desire on 1400 square meters whether you are a pro, an aerobic fan or a marathon runner.

The renovation and rebranding of Luxor is now completed. Don't hesitate to call or visit us - we are waiting for you!

Luxor Sports Club
Glärnischstrasse 35
CH-8002 Zürich
Telefon: 044 202 38 38

  Center Fitness
Mon-Thu 06.00-22.00 06.00-21.45
Fri 06.00-21.00 06.00-20.45
Sat+Sun 09.00-19.00 09.00-18.45

Please add 4 and 3.


Opening hours on public holidays

Please note our special opening hours during public holidays (fitness area closes 15min before center closing) 

Saint Berchtold 02.01. 09.00-
Good Friday 10.04. 10.00-
Easter Monday 13.04. 09.00-
Sechseläuten 20.04. 06.00-
Labour Day 01.05. 09.00-
Ascension 21.05. 09.00-
Whitsun 31.05. 09.00-
Whit Monday 01.06. 09.00-
Swiss National Day 01.08. 09.00-
Christmas Eve 24.12. 06.00-
Christmas 25.12. 09.00-
St. Stephen`s Day 26.12. 09.00-
New Year`s Eve 31.12. 06.00-
New Year`s Day 01.01. Closed

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