new york sports clubs

who we are

We have been operating fitness clubs in Basel and Zurich for over 40 years. Originally conceived as squash clubs, over time our studios have transformed into high-level professional fitness clubs. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible experience for our members without giving up the familiar neighborhood feel. With our team of employees, most of whom have been with us for many years, we have been able to create a family atmosphere so that our clientele always feel welcome here. With our three Swiss fitness clubs, we are part of the NYSC family with headquarters in New York. NYSC stands for New York Sports Clubs, under which brand a large number of different fitness clubs are operated on the US East Coast.

what we do

We work hard to maintain the values established by NYSC in 1973 when there was only a small chain of squash clubs. We are constantly improving our offerings and services and pride ourselves on building connections with our members and providing them with the most personalized fitness experience possible. Because we know that fitness is not just a part of daily life, it's a lifestyle. And we want to help them get the most out of their bodies - before, during and after their workouts.