terms and conditions

1.0 Membership and payment agreements

1.1 Membership Agreement
These regulations shall be considered an integral part of the membership agreement to be signed by each member. By signing, the member expressly accepts to abide by the rules and conditions of the Club. Prior to admission to the Club, members must pay appropriate Club dues, any initial dues, and, if so agreed, the annual dues or any prepayments in cash.

1.2 Club membership
A one-time club membership fee is charged. This fee can be adjusted by Town Sports AG (hereinafter referred to as TSAG). The club membership fee is not refundable; this also applies in the event of resignation or termination before the end of a year.

1.3 Monthly contributions
Members must pay the membership fees, which the TSAG determines each year in the fall, in advance at the end of each month. The TSAG has the right to adjust the fees/rates to the needs at any time. Members must be notified of any change in monthly dues at least 30 days prior to the effective date. This announcement will be posted at the club and announced in the club information.

1.4 Monthly payment
The monthly fees and incidental expenses can be paid by the member only with the direct debit procedure (LSV) or with a standing order of the post office. For both procedures, a separate form must also be signed. In the event of an increase in dues, a new form with the new amount must be created for the standing order from the post office. In case of a payment arrears in the first membership year of more than one month, the TSAG has the right to demand the entire membership fee.

1.5 Prepayment
Members may also pay the full annual dues in cash in advance in each case. After the end of the first membership year, the member may again pay the club membership in advance or switch to paying the dues monthly (see item 1.4).

1.6 Costs in case of LSV or standing order rejection
For each case of debit rejection, whether due to cancellation of the account, insufficient funds, etc., the member will be charged a handling fee of Fr. 30.

1.7 Arrears of membership fees and/or dues
If a member is in arrears with the payment of one or more monthly dues and/or the annual dues and/or fees, and the member has not paid the debt within the set period after a reminder has been sent, the member may be denied access to the Club until the amount owed has been paid. From the first reminder on, a handling fee will be charged: Fr. 10.- for the first reminder and Fr. 30.- for the second reminder.

1.8 Membership change
Members may have the membership type changed by submitting a written request. The monthly fees will be adjusted according to the new membership type. After the reclassification has been made, a processing fee of Fr. 50.- will be charged.

1.9 Limitation of the number of members
It is intended to limit the number of memberships in the Club so that members can be assured of reasonable and acceptable use of the Club's facilities. However, it is possible that occasional wait times or delays may occur during peak hours in the fitness and strength areas. Waiting lists will be maintained by the front desk for such instances.

1.10 Time credit
If a member is unable to use the Club for a minimum of one month due to illness, pregnancy, accident, professional stay abroad, training abroad, civil/civil defense service or military service, the TSAG shall grant a corresponding time credit. This time credit is granted on the basis of a written request to the Club and only if written proof of the inability to attend is provided. In doing so, the member's ID card must be deposited at the club. The request must be submitted immediately, as retroactive credits are excluded.

1.11 Breaks
For a fee of Fr. 50, the membership can be interrupted temporarily (also without information according to point 1.10). The interruption must be requested in advance, must be at least 1 month and can be a maximum of 1 year. The interruption runs at the earliest from the date of deregistration and submission of the membership card and at the most until the specified end date. Thereafter, the agreed-upon membership dues are due again, with credits being issued only after 12 months of dues have been paid. The minimum membership term is extended by the duration of the interruption.

2.0 Transfer and termination of membership

2.1 Transfer of membership
Each member is entitled to transfer his membership to another person for a fee of Fr. 50. This fee will be waived provided the new person commits for another 12 months. The person in question must present him/herself to the club management ahead of time and complete all necessary entry formalities. The club reserves the right to refuse a transfer. A membership that has already been transferred cannot be transferred to a third person.

2.2 Membership duration
The membership period is at least one year. After expiry of the first year of membership, membership is renewed for one month at a time and can be terminated with one month's notice to the end of the following month.

2.3 Membership cancellation
At the end of the first year of membership, termination may be made as follows:
1. written notice of termination by registered letter to the club.
2. return of the member card.
3. payment of all outstanding membership dues and other debts owed to TSAG.

2.4. Termination during a breach of contract
During an interruption, notice can also only be given after 12 paid monthly installments at the earliest. However, the last monthly premium is always due for payment. Exceptions to this are terminations due to illness or accident.

2.5 Violations of regulations
If a member does not comply with the club regulations despite a reminder, he/she may be expelled from the club by the TSAG or refused renewal of membership. The assessment of violations of the regulations is made by the club management.

2.6 Address changes
The member shall notify the Club in writing of any change of address and/or telephone number within 14 days.

3.0 Liability

3.1 Training risk
Members and guests train and use all Club facilities at their own risk. The Club declines any liability for damage to health. Members shall, if necessary, be examined for health risks before commencing their activities at the Club. The Club makes no promises regarding medical results that may be achieved through the use of the Club's facilities.

3.2 Instruction
All equipment in the Club may be used by members and guests only after instruction by Club personnel.

3.3 Liability for thefts
TSAG is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to members' property. We recommend that all members always lock up their belongings and keep track of the key.

4.0 General provisions

4.1 Rules for members and guests
Members and guests are obliged to abide by the club rules and the instructions of the club management.

4.2 Membership Card
For a deposit of CHF 10, each member receives a personal, non-transferable membership card. This card must be presented at the reception desk on each visit without being asked. Lost or stolen membership cards must be replaced (cost: Fr. 10.-).Membership privileges are limited to the person in whose name the membership card is issued. Misuse of the membership card will result in its withdrawal. In the event of withdrawal, the deposit paid will be refunded after the card is returned, provided there are no other debts to TSAG. If the card is damaged or cannot be used again for any other reason, TS AG may refuse to repay the deposit.

4.3 Members without card
Members who cannot show the membership card must pay a deposit of Fr. 10. This fee will be refunded upon presentation of the membership card.

4.4 Use of the checkroom lockers
Sports equipment and clothing may not be left in the Club overnight, except in a rented coat closet.

4.5 Pets
Bringing pets into the club is not allowed.

4.6 Clothing
Members and guests should wear appropriate and suitable sportswear (knee-length pants, no loose-fitting tank tops, clean indoor sports shoes, etc.) when using the club facilities. Shoes that are not worn exclusively indoors are not permitted. The weight machines may not be used with sweaty workout clothes. The fitness trainers present are authorized to expel members from the area if their clothing does not comply with our rules. If available, sauna and steam baths are nude areas where bathing and other clothes are not allowed. Only bath towel or robe is allowed. In the relaxation room the intimate parts must be covered. Cloths brought along must be used there as seat and lounger pads.

4.7 Guest fees
A guest fee is payable for all guests introduced to the Club by a member. The guest fee may be adjusted by the Club.

4.8 Guests supervision
Guests may use the free weights only under supervision.

4.9 Bath and training towels
Bath towels are provided for a rental fee. A terry towel is mandatory in all areas of the club. In the sauna, the bath towel should be large enough to prevent sweat from dripping onto the wood.

4.10 Smoking
There is a general ban on smoking.

4.11 Beverages + Food
Glass containers and food of any kind are prohibited in all training rooms.

4.12 Modification of the facilities and equipment
The Club reserves the right to change its facilities and equipment from time to time, to eliminate some of the facilities and equipment, or to add others.

4.13 Special occasions
The Club has the right to reserve the use of its facilities for special events and private use as needed.

5.0 Fitness Lessons

5.1 Reservation for fitness lessons
Members have the right to reserve a spot in a fitness class up to 6 days in advance.

5.2 Limitation of class sizes
The size of the fitness classes is limited to a certain number of participants.

5.3 Entering the class after the beginning of the lesson
Once a fitness lesson has begun, the class cannot be re-entered.

5.4 Footwear
It is not allowed to participate in the fitness lessons without footwear.

5.5 Changing the schedule of fitness lessons
The club reserves the right to change the schedule of fitness lessons at any time.

5.6. Fitness Lessons Regulations
The regulations of the fitness lessons can be modified by the club as needed.

6.0 Strength and endurance training

6.1 Serientraining
Exercising in series on strength equipment is allowed only until there is no interruption for members with the normal program. Otherwise, the equipment must be released immediately.

6.2 Free weights
The free weights, discs, dumbbells and equipment are to be returned after use.

6.3 Hygiene
For hygienic reasons, bibs (weight shirts) are not allowed in the weight room. For all exercises on equipment, a terry towel is prescribed as a base. After use, the equipment must be cleaned with a disinfectant spray available on site.

6.4 Time limit
Cardiovascular equipment is to be released after 30 minutes during peak hours.

7.0 Customer Rights / Regulations on the Care Service

Membership entitles the holder to the following support services of the Club:

- Discussion to clarify the actual state of health with recording in the health questionnaire.
- Discussion to clarify the training needs and training goals.
- Determination of physical performance for individual dosage of training, at least in the areas of endurance and mobility including recording and interpretation.
- Repetition of this determination of physical performance after at least six months.
- Training advice and design of a training program according to the individual needs and abilities.
- Possibility of written logging of the individual training sessions in a training log card provided.
- Appropriate individual instruction and introduction to the training program.
- Constant supervision and monitoring of the training.
- All the above-mentioned support services are included in the subscription or membership price.
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