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March Update


It Finally Happened! The Federal Council made their decision on March 17th, 2022 that we are finally allowed to freely open our doors to everyone.  You can finally take deep breaths while enjoying your workout because the mask and certificate requirements have been lifted.  We will continue to ensure you the highest level in hygiene. Please feel free to continue wearing your mask if you are more comfortable and take it off if you so wish.


Since February 2022, Forum Fitness is an officially licensed club of Swiss Powerlifting. In our center, all conditions are given to do intensive strength and powerlifting training. This includes power racks, benches for bench press, lifting stations, dumbbells up to 60kg, leg press/Hackenschmidt machine for heavy training, several cable pull stations and much more.

We offer optimal conditions for powerlifting and bodybuilding:

  • Every year we hold various events to improve in technique and execution and to bring interested people closer to powerlifting.
  • With our trainers and fitness manager Tilo Kupper you always have competent and experienced contact persons on site.
  • Tilo`s track record: 3 times World Champion, 1 time Vice World Champion, 6 times European Champion, multiple Swiss and German Champion. In two federations he holds the world record in the class Master up to 90kg.

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March Update
March Update